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11/17/2013 -- Houston Chronicle article about the Artery closing.

11/18/2013 -- Free Press Houston interviews Mark Larsen

12/19/13  UPDATE
The last weekly life drawing session was yesterday. This was a twenty year long ritual. Closing on the property is January 15 2014. Anytime after that the removal of the trees and house will commence.

Message sent to email contact list in October 2013:

Mark here. I sure don't like having to send this news! I keep telling myself, be grateful for 26 years of cultural adventure.

The property on our south side was sold to builders. The new development will kill the trees along that boundary. I've had six months to process this. In that time I've realized that besides this threat, the drought two years ago did terrible damage to the Artery forest. The big trees are hurting and several in the mid-canopy have died. The Artery is magic because of the abundant foliage as much as anything. That has been compromised. Having had so much time to play in Eden, I'm not willing to endure a drawn out pitiful end, with the loss of our natural setting, as well as the complications of parking and many new neighbors.

The good news is I saw this coming. Our new website is designed to share our video treasures, to promote the Artery Media Project, which will continue to evolve. Whereas I would have enjoyed a few more years to record performances at the space, there is a bounty of material from the past to edit for the archive. And I have ideas about other scenarios that will allow the accretion of new content. And I have dreams about the distribution of this content, mostly involving the internet, Apple TV, etc. So whereas the space is being sacrificed, the mission is still rich with a sense of purpose.

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December 2013

The Artery has concluded its production season as well as its 26 year history as a performance space. Over the next few months new videos will be posted from this past season as well as past years.

A potential new site for recording events is under consideration.


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It is my hope that these notes will help perpetuate the invention that is the Artery - ML



Artists and potential presenters are encouraged to contact Mark Larsen regarding possible collaborations. There may be another venue for operations as soon as summer 2014.



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