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Dedicated to the spirit that drives artists, travelers, and seers, designed for the interchange of ideas and expression - with reverence toward nature.


Mark Larsen, Artery founder, camera operator, video editor

Bill Day, Artery co-founder, sound engineer, sound mixer, web tech

Malcolm Hackney, number one Artery ally: sound, light, tech

Christopher Johnson, editing guru

Ted Barwell, camera operator, editing advisor

Mike Roberts, all things tech, lighting, sound, video

Mike Larsen, tech Jedi, set and stage lighting, sound tech

Christine Clark, camera priestess, production advisor

Pranav Kothari, web specialist, event collaborator

Mark Lacy, collaborator, camera operator, Houston Institute for Culture alliance

Josh Appleby, sound engineer, sound mixer

Doug Robertson, occasional sound mixing

Ben DeSoto, Frank Golden, part-time camera visionaries

Jeff Abrams, Shaun Brennan, Joyce Day, recurring event producers

Margaret Tsanais, wife of Mark Larsen, advisor and supporter

Justin and Amy Griswold, John Godsman and Bob Tucker, Artery partners


Most Recent Videos

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    Abbos Kosimov
    Doyra master

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    El Rectorado del Son
    Cuban music

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Artery Space


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Artery Events

December 2013

The Artery has concluded its production season as well as its 26 year history as a performance space. Over the next few months new videos will be posted from this past season as well as past years.

A potential new site for recording events is under consideration.


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It is my hope that these notes will help perpetuate the invention that is the Artery - ML



Artists and potential presenters are encouraged to contact Mark Larsen regarding possible collaborations. There may be another venue for operations as soon as summer 2014.



Mark Larsen
Bill Day
Ted Barwell
Mike Roberts
Mike Larsen
Christopher Johnson
Christine Clark
Malcolm Hackney
Pranav Kothari 

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